It took me less than 1 hour to create a landing page focused on conversion copywriting.

It was my first copywriting project & I was nervous. I had just resigned from my full-time corporate job and got a major gig.

It was the first time I was creating so many landing pages (chills). I didn’t want to mess it up.

So, I started dumping all data in a single google doc.

And, my first landing page turned out to be good. My manager was impressed with the copy.

But, slowly, when the time started reducing & the deadlines started approaching…

Copywriting is a way of life. It’s basically as compulsory as other things in your lifestyle. You don’t necessarily need to read books or complete courses when you can learn this skill by paying attention to the details around. What was the text written on that packet of oatmeal? What is the copy on the advertising billboard in your neighbourhood? What would have been alternate titles to the book you just read?

You obviously don’t remember any of this if you aren’t passionate for copywriting. …

Kanika Sharma

I replace images with words. (read that again!)

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